Back on my feet—ish

After a more than rocky start to the year, I’ve not been able to do all the things I set out to do for 2019. It’s ok, things happen, and that’s just life. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t still have goals. I’m simply postponing them. And for now I’ve got one book on pre-order and another in second stages of editing, so there’s that. I’m not completely on my feet yet but I’m getting there. 🙂

I’ve made some progress with having my children’s book Elves translated, and just need to get the formatting done. It’ll get there, too, and I think it’s worth the wait for anyone who wants to introduce a little fantasy into a kid’s life.

Once my current WIP ships off to the editor, I’ll be getting back to working on the second book of Where Vikings Roam. Elva is about to depart Trondheim, sailing to Venland and possible war. i can’t wait to get back to one of my personal favorite characters, even though I’m really enjoying writing about Sinyara in my current WIP.

I’m excited about the rest of the year, hoping for less trips to the hospital and more words on the page!
Let’s see how much I manage to get done by the end of the 2019. I’ll keep you posted!

Wishing you all magical reads!

The fourth book in the Elemental Monarchs Saga is available for pre-order here.


What is dead doesn’t always stay dead—not in this world.


A sneak peek at my current WIP:

Heart of Sin is for those of you wanting to scratch that emptiness you’re about to feel when game of Thrones signs off with its very last episode. It’s for anyone who enjoys X-men or are fans of Arya Stark.


Not all sins are forgivable.

At five years old, Sinyara was taken by the Order, trained to become a Protector—a magical assassin.

She has always known what she is. Evil at her core, corrupted by the magic within. Her only shot at redemption is to rid the world of others like her; those with magic in their veins.

In the war to destroy magic, Sin must choose her loyalties. Her choice could cause the destruction of the magical community—or the desolation of her Order, her home and, with it, her entire identity.

Can she learn to trust that she holds more in her heart than darkness? Or does magic really corrupt all?

Published by linntesli

I am a Norwegian author, cover designer and freelancer. I love to write, and it has been a passion of mine ever since I knew how to put pen to paper. I hope my love of magic and make-believe will touch the spirit of others who share my passion for fantasy, or just the need to read :)

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