The Librarian Chronicles

A dying library. A Mage with a dream. A race against time.

Paige Pine is a Reader with a lifelong dream to become a Mage Librarian. When the Magistry offers her a job no one else wants, she accepts. Her dream within reach, she is tasked to re-grow the charred remains of Oslo’s Grimoire Library.

The library has all but given up and doesn’t respond to Paige’s efforts. To make matters worse, the Magistry presents her with a deadline. To fail means the end of the library. And her career.

A runic spell might be the key to saving them both. But she’s got competition. Her opponents will stop at nothing to get what they want, including harming those she cares about.

Can she save her library in time, and what is she willing to sacrifice to make her dreams come true?


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