The Librarian Chronicles

Paige Pine remembers everything she’s read. Ever.

At thirty-two, she’s dying for a fresh start. She finally lands her dream job, but restoring the Oslo Magica Library after a disastrous fire requires a lot more than a mage with a linguistic party-trick.

The Magistry slaps a crazy deadline in her face with even crazier conditions. Paige has only weeks to procure a Grade A artifact, or they’ll shut the library down. And with it, her career.

When all hope seems lost, a runic spell appears, promising to unearth an artifact from the Norse gods into the twenty-first century.

Paige must risk everything to find it because if she fails, it could all go up in flames. Again.

This Fractured Mage is the first book in The Librarian Chronicles, an Urban Fantasy series where modern day meets ancient myths. Delve into a story of sentient libraries, meddlesome ghosts, cheeky squirrel sprites, and unexpected romance.


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