The Veiled World Chronicles

Bodyguard Camryn MacKay goes to work like any other day. Except this isn’t any other day.

When her client is attacked on the streets of Berlin by a strange man with unexplainable strength and reflexes, Cam is thrown headfirst into the veiled world—a magical world hidden from humans.

As if these revelations weren’t enough, Cam discovers an unsettling truth: She’s part of this secret world. Always has been.

Tasked to figure out what really happened, she’s paired up with Leon, an empath witch.

As an unwanted attraction grows between them, they must figure out why a vampire is immune to sunlight before it unravels the fragile peace between the veiled factions—pinning werecats against vampires, with the witches stuck in the middle.

The veil has been parted, and Camryn never backs down from a challenge.


The Veiled World Chronicles is a slow-burn Urban Fantasy series full of magic, twisted intrigue, bittersweet coffee, and werecats with a bite. Join Camryn behind the veil. If you dare.

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