Where Vikings Roam

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Fate does not wait for you to be ready

Elva lives a peaceful life with her tribe, practicing to one day become the noaidi—the shaman. Her peace is shattered when two viking earls arrive in the camp. Her grandmother, the current noaidi, is accused of witchcraft, and is taken away to stand trial before the tyrant king Olav. The punishment is death.

Elva is not ready to become the leader of her tribe, nor is she ready to let go of her grandmother. She is nowhere near strong enough to fight the vikings in Nidaros, but she has to try. She’s an outcast in her own land, on a journey that will challenge her convictions, her faith and even her heart. Can Elva overcome the powerful enemy and rescue her grandmother?

Or will she add her name to the fallen?

SPFBO 2019 Semi-finalist

“A masterful description of the slippery slope leading to darkness” – Patrik Sahlström, Author of Books of Future Darkness

Work in Progress

Working title: The Fox and the King

Publication: Planned publication in 2021

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