Terms and Conditions


All covers come with a Standard License unless otherwise specified or you have ordered a customised illustration:

Premade covers are made with stock photos, primarily from Adobe stock with a Standard license, unique digital painting and photos from personal collection or digital painting excsclusively. No covers will be sold more than once. If a premade appears in the gallery with different colors, it’s only to show how it can look and to give you different options.

Standard license includes:

*Up to 500 000 copies or views of the product
*Unlimited web views
*Work can be used in newsletters, advertising, social media or news channels
*The work may not be used prominently in merchandise or products for resale

Magic Lamp covers

*Declares they have obtained all proper rights, herein standard license unless otherwise agreed, or licenses for all images used in creation of the Work.

*Retains the right to include the Work in his online portfolio or business promotion.

*Owns the original artwork/design

*Acknowledges he does not own or have right or title to the Book containing the Work, nor to receive any royalties on Book(s) sold, or derivative works containing the Work.

*Agrees to treat all information about the Book’s content as Confidential and not cause or permit such Confidential Information to be disclosed to any third party, until the book is published by the Author.

The Artist hereby represents and warrants:

*to be the creator of the Work.

*that the work does not infringe any copyright, privacy rights, or legal rights of a third party.

*that the Work does not contain any unlawful material.

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